TPA Cervical Cage
TPA Cage: Titanium Peek Anterior Cervical Cage

Superior primary stability in the early days of recovery post-op.
Superior continued stability during the period of healing (the period of erosive creeping substitution).
Long term stability in the period of bony fusion with annealing the risk of subsidience.
Permanent possibility of excellent monitoring of the healing parameters and/or eventual failures.
Possibility to use bone inducting ingredients.
Available in all possible anatomic dimensions - straight or lorgatic.
Isodense bony bridging (see picture).
Titanium PEEK Anterior Cervical Cage
Safety assessment and proven effectiveness.
Ease of use, ease of instrumentation.
Possibility to lordose.
Possibility to use stand alone procedure.
No NMR interference.
In use since March '95 with more than 10.000 cases worldwide.
Over 12 years of follow-up.
Presented in national and international well respected congresses.
Assessed Quality Managment CE marked.
Supported and documented by litterature of international accepted professional level.
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Titanium PEEK Anterior Cervical Cage
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